LISA Xmas Dinner Party 2014 – Tickets Released!!

We are pleased to invite you to our annual Christmas Dinner, building on the great successes of the many dinners we have been hosting for the last few years. It will be an evening to catch up with old classmates and meet new ones, enjoy some good food and indulge in a few drinks!

Café Rouge, The Strand, 9 Villiers Street, WC2N 6NA (view map)
Tuesday, 9 December @ 7.30pm




LISA Alum Kazu Shiraiso to Play at LSE

The LSE Information Systems Group has talented alumni in all walks of life.

LISA Alumnus Kazu Shiraiso (MSc’ 98) will be performing for one night only a violin recital tat Shaw Library at 7pm tomorrow November 21st, 2014 with music by Janacek, Mozart, Lili Boulanger and Cesar Franck.

£8/£4 concession –  Tickets via http://kazushiraiso.ticketsource.co.uk or at the door.



October Pub Meetup Proves Big Hit

With autumn kicking in and the warm summer we so well enjoyed only a distant memory, the year kicked off with another LISA meetup at the Old Bank of England . As some 40 or so alumni and a current students met for drinks.

Arguably one of the more popular pub meetups in LISA’s young history, the club room wasn’t big enough and we spilled out into the remaining parts of the OBE, as people chatted and enjoyed many beverages, to the later hours of the evening.

A fantastic start for the year and everyone already looking forward to the annual Xmas dinner!

Sadly the photographer couldn’t make it……!


Online Dating Secrets – PreTinder – The Picture Optimiser App

It’s starting to get cold in London, as we catch the tail of September and the cold is settling in. The midsummer night dreams have gone, and the holiday period lull is coming to an end.  Determined and ready for the second and last run of the year, many will be determined to make the best out of what is left of the year.

With online dating now becoming mainstream, for many of us in big cities, turning to the web to find love, friendship and companionship has become a no-brainer. Working the startup circuit, be it through the London Enterprise Tech Meetup, or through other various mediums such as The Golden Network and other bit.ly(s)  and pieces , I’ve attended many an event just a walk down from my office on FinTech Square. FinTech Square being the cluster on Finsbury Square where many of the financial data companies (and Oracle now) have taken residence.

Nevertheless, the more interesting things I’ve heard in and around Silicon Roundabout, are probably the ones I’ve eavesdropped on in small coffee shops such as my favorite haunt Paper and Cup . The last one I overheard was about a new company trying to crack the Pre-Online Dating space, a well known issue of everyone who has tried online dating knows that the space is fickle, and is more of a jungle than a promised land.

The Online Dating Landscape:

OkCupid, the online dating site with a “gradual” online dating business model, i.e. There is no subscription fee and users can use the site to browse and contact each other for free, recently published their research that they have been experimenting on users by randomising their matching algorithm to “fudge” the percentage matches of incompatible people with each other. This was in response to Facebook recent admission that they also experimented on their users.

So they would show a fake 90% match when according to their traditional matching algorithm, which uses information listed on your profile, questions you’ve answered and preferences to match people, it would be 30% match. They reached the astonishing revelation that people just look at the picture.The percentage match did little to affect whether people contact each other or not. I won’t delve into their findings (and admission that they have no idea what they are doing) you can read them here. However…

It’s just about the picture? Shock and awe. Panic, mayhem.

Little do people know, that OkCupid, is a site actually owned by match.com – a behemoth in the online dating space, which uses a subscription based model. i.e. you have to subscribe to the site to be able to use it to contact people. They don’t admit that people only look at the picture because that would be an assassination of their business model, making all matching sites just about the same – so why pay for subscribing?

Tinder: Next Generation Dating

One must notice the parallels. Facebook has turned into a photosharing mechanism and entertainment link-sharing medium. To my admission of Mark Zuckerber’s good insight is his purchase of Instagram. Preposterous to acquire a 40 people company for $1 Billion, yet now dwarfed by WhatsApp acquisition. Snapchat continues to resist, however, what became obvious is that it’s all about the picture. Tinder, the defacto dating app of the moment, did acknolwedge that it is indeed all about the picture, and has taken away all the clutter. Swipe in either direction based on what you see. Simple, easy. As it’s become incredibly popular in big cities, using it’s location based mechanism, which thrives on densely populated cities such New York and Los Angeles, who have more women ratios to men according to Trulia’s map.  Rumor has it that you now can go on a “Tinder” holiday where you are “taken” to locations with high density of the opposite sex. (Apparently Merseyside is the place to be in England for men.)  They say humans instinctively identify with facial structures to figure out compatibility. You can even try it for yourself here. You can also read Joe Navarro’s FBI Guide to Speed Reading people through body language.

PreTinder – the PreDating app

Finally, to my eavesdropping at a cafe in Shoreditch. Apparently there is a new application called Hinge where you can meet people through friends. I am not quite sure that is the right path because I have been told by some swimming friends that they do not wish for their friends to be recommended to them by a dating app. So given that Tinder has proved the conjecture that it truly is all about the picture, it is very important that you choose the right picture that would maximize your chances.  Not only should you have tigers and koalas caressing pauses, but you should also show a picture that brings your best features into light (literally).  So the way I understood the PreTinder app works is you upload a picture and release it to the online community. It’s currently in beta phase where it’s just available to women (a tried and tested technique based on social networks that are predominantly used by women , with other successful apps such LuLu the app that allows women to rate men) the PreTinder app also mimics the Facebook like functionality by allowing your friends to rate your picture. No contact or matching happens.  So, screen the picture, then put the highest rated one on your actual dating profile and wait for love to come waltzing in…..

I can’t stop but think that this is just HotOrNot all over again. Which proves that ideas in Technology are just recycled, and mostly cyclical (and synical).

Old Bank of England

Old Bank of England Meetup – October 22nd, 2014

Fakll has arrived!  Join your fellow alumni on :

Wednesday  October 22nd 2014

Club Room –  The Old Bank of England Pub

194 Fleet St  City of London, EC4A 2LT

6:45 pm till late


View Larger Map

This will be a good networking opportunity with fellow alumni and meet your classmates.  Join us and feel free to bring your friends and classmates along.

See you there!


LISA 2nd Annual BBQ Picnic Photos

There is just something about tucking into food outdoors in the tranquil sensory private garden hidden in the heart of Central London. We had plenty of good food and drinks and plenty of laughter and catching up with old friends and we were even really lucky with the weather.

A massive thank you to all of you who joined us on 6th of September and I hope the rest of you had a really good excuse.



LISA 2nd Annual BBQ Picnic!!

LISA is happy to announce that after the success of last year’s Picnic (photos!) this will become an Annual Summer event.  This year will be a BBQ Picnic courtesy of Miltos (pictured) !

  • Where:   Eccleston Square [map from Victoria Station]
  • When:  Saturday, 6th of September, 2014
  • Time: 3pm till late (noise down by 10pm!)
  • Food: Some burgers and chicken will be available with the basics (mayo, ketchup etc..).
  • Alcohol : Bring Your Own Booze

All alumni and friends and family are welcome! No RSVP required, but if you are coming with friends please email social@lisa-online.com so we can have an idea of numbers. Call Charles on 07890953947 or Miltos on 07983963128 if required!


Rain or Shine

Remember, this is London. Rain can turn into a beautiful day within minutes (hopefully!). In case of rain we will be at :

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and sunscreen!


There is a nearby Sainsbury  5 min away for supplies!.


photo 20

Willcocks Launches Book at LSE

Distinguished LSE Professor Leslie Willcocks is an authority in the field of Outsourcing, and often takes his research into uncharted waters. Along with LSE Visiting Professor Mary Lacity, and industry expert Andrew Burgess, the authors investigated the growing trend of Outsourcing in Legal Services, an industry well known for being tightly knit and traditionally cautious with Information Systems and it’s impact on their business.

LISA held it’s second Technology Seminar, entitled “The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing” on Tuesday June 17th, 2014, with Professor Willcocks launching his book of the same title, at the Sheikh Zayed Theatre.

LISA Chairman Adnan Naseem opened the seminar by giving a brief overview of LISA, the success stories, and the challenges that lie ahead. He also highlighted the importance of the collaboration between Alumni and Faculty to provide a value offering to the community that will raise the profile of the LSE.

John Croft of Elevate Services   , one of the event sponsors along with Radiant Law and Source ,introduced the presenters and thanked them for their work and important findings. He emphasized his company’s belief in the future of legal services becoming more streamlined, and outsourcing is not something the business can overlook any longer.

Prof. Willcocks then took to the stage and gave some background on the reasons that led to the writing of this book, and how outsourcing will change the legal profession.  Prof. Lacity then delved deeper into the  progress and evolution of Legal Services Outsourcing (LSO) and the lessons learned, before Andrew Burgess from Source discussed the pyramid of value added by companies embracing legal services outsourcing. “Being in the presence of companies like Elevate Services and Radiant Law in 2014 was like being in the presence of Apple and Microsoft in the 1980s – these companies are the future of Law.” Noted Professor Lacity.

The Seminar ended with a book signing and a couple of drinks at the White Horse on LSE Campus.

Slides from the Event Can be downloaded here:  LSOSanFranciscoDISTRIBUTE-1

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FutureWorkshops Walk-In Interview Session

futureWorkshopsLogoLISA has agreed with Future Workshops (http://www.futureworkshops.com/) to conduct a Walk-In Interview session at the Department on the Thesis Submission day , August 29th, from 1pm to 4pm. 

Future Workshops has established a reputation as a leader in its field, crafting mobile products and Apps of the highest caliber. A critical part of their success is the focus on needs of real people. Their consumer clients include The BBC, ITV, The R&A (The Open Championships and The Rules of Golf), and Saudi Telecom. These Apps have reached hundreds of nationalities across global markets, grossing millions of pounds. Their projects have earned recognition in the form of industry awards and critical review.

Matt Brooke-Smith, CEO, is an entrepreneur and creative business leader with over a decade of industry experience. He graduated from The University of Southampton with a 1st class BSc in Computer Science. In 2008 he launched Future Workshops to deliver mobile applications for top brands – today the company is made up of 20 people. Matt won the ITC livery company’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012, and is a guest lecturer at UCL and King Saud University, Riyadh.

Davide Casarin is the Programme Manager at Future Workshops with oversight of the company’s portfolio of projects. He is a Certified SAP ERP consultant having begun his career in Milan, Italy. He is a regular speaker and attendee at industry events.

Matt and Davide are looking for graduate project managers to join their exciting company.  Candidates with suitable work experience will be considered for more senior roles that also offer work sponsorship for non-EU citizens.

Please email your CV to careers@futureworkshops.com. Shortlisted candidates who email their resume will have priority to interview first, and a walk-in interview open session will be available on a first come first serve basis on the day, where they will also provide feedback and advice.

This opportunity is for LSE Information Systems Graduates provided in collaboration with LISA. If you would like advice on your CV before sending it, please email careers@lisa-online.com

LISA Summer Pub Meet


Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Unit 26, Hays Galleria, London SE1 2HD

7:00 pm till late

After a short break, we are pleased to invite you to the next one of our regular London pub nights.

You will find The Horniman at Hays in London Bridge within a short stroll of HMS Belfast, Tooley Street and London Bridge Tube. This area along the south bank of the Thames was historically known as the ‘Larder of London’. The pub is on the site of a former tea warehouse

There is no charge to attend this event. Guests of alumni welcome.

We hope to see you there!